Made from Scratch

Our Story

Inspired by the classic recipes of her beloved grandma Mimi, Elizabeth Hughes created a bakery that uses the finest, simple ingredients and brings celebration into each and every day.

Elizabeth’s time with Mimi forged an immeasurable bond and created a passion for baking that she knew she wanted to share with her family and friends. After raising her two children Torie and Spencer, Elizabeth enrolled in the Midwest Culinary Institute to cultivate her skills in culinary and pastry arts. She graciously shared her goodies with her Ft. Mitchell community and soon the demand was greater than her professional home kitchen could support. The dream of owning her own bakery soon became a reality.

Our Difference

If you can’t spell it, Little Flour won’t bake with it. Just like grandma Mimi, Elizabeth bakes from scratch, using only the freshest and finest ingredients available.

No artificial preservatives, or trans-fats in any Little Flour Baked Good.

We believe that the best things in life are pure and simple. You might see imperfect shapes from our hand dolloped cookie batter, but be assured of 100% perfect goodness in every bite.

That’s our Little Flour promise.